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    Diablo sport updating Free webcam chat no download or registration

    The breadth of build variety in Diablo III is vast, and it can take a lot of time to try them all.Challenge Rifts are a weekly opportunity to try a totally new build, receive a reward for your efforts, and compete with other players on a level playing field!Sanctuary is a big place, and in Patch 2.6.0 it’s about to get bigger!With new areas appearing in Acts II and IV of Adventure Mode, there are more places to explore, more bounties to complete, and more monsters to slay. We’re excited to announce that this year, Blizz Con is expanding into a brand-new hall in the Anaheim Convention Center…which means we now have some more tickets available for Blizz Con 2017.Easier and smoother but also faster and more precise. A big thank you to you Lew, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you! IF I can keep my foot out of it, it gets better mileage now with the bigger tires than it did stock and runs way better... :) Thanks again, for all the time invested so far and the fantastic tune that straightened all the issues out first try! I could feel a difference with the canned tune but your custom tune is definitely above and beyond that. And thanks for your tips about the gasoline too, I've only been running 89 octane ever since you told me that. You can count on me spreading the good word about your work on Silverado Sierra dot com :)She drives great, nice and smooth! Carried several loads around 3k lbs over the summer and she didn't even flinch at it! Right off the bat I notice the throttle delay is gone. I'm glad I bought the Diablo tuner....most definitely glad I got a custom tune from you... Throttle response now feels a lot more like a physical connection to the pedal than it did stock. It's got a lot more get up and go and yesterday making a uturn the back end broke loose and squealed the tires. Smooth, definitive shifts, good transition through the gears and excellent acceleration. Gas was killing me and I knew i needed to change something. Man grabbing second gear lit the tires up, started to get a little side ways before the stability control kicked in. Bottom line is that I was a skeptic, but now I believe! It feels like I dropped a newer, bigger engine in the truck. I was in a 4 lane city street in the far right lane, and needed to get one lane over since my right lane was blocked. Lew -- I just wanted to say I have never been more impressed with the tune then I have been this week. I didn't expect the custom tune to be a big improvement but it was immediately noticeable. Haha I used to hate the way it would drive in traffic because the transmission used to feel so lazy and v4 mode kicking on and off but yeah the trucks way better now! The other shifts are working in as well, much better so far and getting even better! Truck runs fantastic, powertrain is delivering plenty of power and all shift points are smooth. The air is cool here so its great for the power but damn that's quick for a fully loaded 2500hd 4x4 crew full size cab and it also feels great under light throttle take offs like when you are driving more normal. Anyways, I have never done the tune thing for any vehicle, but the diablo with Lew, is the way to go!!! My truck is totally different since that last tune! I logged my first set of data on Saturday afternoon and you had my new tune to me by Sunday morning and the best part of all I have a totally different truck. I really like the firm shifting, and the low end throttle response. It's not safe when you have to make a turn at a busy intersection and your truck wants to stay in 6th gear. I did notice an increase in low RPM torque and overall general pulling power. I didn't think a small 4.8L V8 could have so much kick with a custom tune! The 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are quick/crisp and engage firmly, not too hard but you can feel them for sure. I had a hopped up diesel before and i think this truck now would make it cry in a 1/4 mile. I'VE ALREADY told a few people here lew tune without a doubt! Really satisfied with the purchase of the custom tune. Pulls harder through the gears, runs smoother & I'm loving it! You've answered questions for me that have nothing to do with the service you offer. I launched it a couple of days ago in manual shift mode and had it bouncing off the limiter before I could shift it into 2nd. I can't wait to do a proper WOT log and get him to tweak it further. Overall very pleased with the tune and the conduction of your services! I greatly appreciate the process and your professionalism! After the first file I couldn't wipe the smile off my face but didn't want to say anything till we got it all finished. I am also showing an increase in mpg's which I track manually. 0-60 is a thing of beauty; a rolling start onto on-ramps is great; steady cruising at 55 to 65 the truck is happy, and when I need to be evasive and get on the gas the power is more than there; ..truck feels so smooth at 90 you'd think you were going 65... You are the rockstar of the tune and I am truly grateful!!! I WISH I KNEW WHERE YOU LIVED SO I COULD COME SHAKE YOUR HAND! She pulls even more smooth, and straight through the whole rpm band... if you can make it work that good almost stock I cant wait and see what it gets like with some more minor mods like CAI and headers! Did some "performance" driving today after about 30 miles on the truck... Off the line, steady acceleration and then 3/4 pedal = good pick up and shifts... I know it's not a Corvette, or Camaro, or some high performance car - It weighs 5,500 lbs and has 3.73 gears... we went through about two and half gears and I was slowly pulling away from him. My tires (or what's left of them) on the other hand don't feel the same way :-)Got the custom tune installed. I'm almost thinking my truck is funner to drive than my 71 GTX 440-6. I look forward to working with you more in the near future. Compared to the stock tune, it idles a WHOLE lot better. Other points are that it now seems to have a somewhat fatter power band. As for the truck, I couldn't be happier with the way it runs! My custom tune from lew is complete, 2004 std cab 5.3 LM7 2wd Silverado. Drives great and like i said love the way it shifts now around town, and even more when you get on it! I have noticed way better throttle response, increased fuel milage, overall just more power, and best of all I can now do a burnout without the road having to be wet! I have peace of mind now that the car is tuned for the current set up. Once again your help and expertise where top notch compared to the other tuners I emailed and most still to this day haven't responded so thanks! Absolutely love your work man and want to run my car against others with better parts and so called tunes to see who will come out on top! I know this truck is working hard getting these 35's rollin (each tire/rim weighs in at about 100 lbs each). Maybe in a few weeks I will actually keep my foot out of it and see how the mpg's are. Well at least that's what I told my wife :)Holy shit man that tune rocks!!!!IE: 255/45/18 showing as 771 Revs per mile in the CMR software which calcs out to being 746.4 on all other tire size calculators I have found on the internet. JPG Oxford White 2015 Premium GT with 50-Year Pkg | 3.55 Gears | Roush CAI | Baer Eradi Speed-Plus 2-Piece Rotors | Stainless Works 3" Cat Back | JLT 3.0 Oil Separators | FRPP M-20201-M STB | Redline Hood Struts | MMD Hood Vent Scoops | Dark Ceramic Tint (25% sides/20% rear) | Lloyds "50 Years" mats...

    diablo sport updating-48

    Without getting into great detail, the above devices tune by altering the MAP voltage your PCM sees to 'trick' the PCM into a desired result (IE. These are, essentially, 'smart' or tuneable map clamps.Personally being a software developer I can't understand how they would allow such a thing to happen...Another thing of note is I recently had access to their Chip Master Revolution (CMR) software used to write tunes and found issues with their tire size calculations being off... Once I submitted my logs to him I had the custom tune with a couple hours!! Now I am sure I will never do that again, but man that was FUN!!!! As soon as I ordered you responded to me and got all of my info and the next morning I had my tracking number and 2 days later my INTUNE showed up. I can't believe how much they disable these trucks from the factory. I have a 30ft gooseneck trailer and i run a pulling truck so i had it hooked up the other day, huge difference! I hate rolling those big tires over but it sure is fun lol!!! It has constant pull, 4th gear feels like it pulls as hard as second did when I first got the car. It's definitely been a pleasure doing business with you as you seem to really care about your customers and their concerns. It pulls a lot harder through out the rpm range and just feels more alive. I did alot of research before buying a diablo tuner and one of the big selling points was the custom tuning. there should be some serious gains under the curve for sure!! Even has that little crackle on the let off that I love. I was considering doing an engine swap to the 6.2 before this, thanks for saving me some money. Now, it will rip the tires in 1st and through 2nd gear until it shifts into 3rd. That 1-2 shift at WOT that I was telling you was harsh on the DS forum is all cleaned up now. The part throttle shifts are good too, and it seems like the truck is much happier. Around town, nice/smooth - At WOT 5,600 rpm - solid shifts, no lag... I knew I wouldn't be able to beat him but I thought what the hell.....the light turned green and we both took off kind of quick but not balls out, I heard him punch it and I did the same, strangely enough I jump up ahead of him about a half car length..... She feels like a dragster too, then I will be through the moon! I couldn't be happier with how much power I have now... I drove my car some more yesterday and then again this morning to work. I'm impressed with the quality of service that you provide. I punched it at 100 mph, it hammered down a couple gears and launched to 140 in what seemed like seconds. In auto from complete stop, motion start and just put it to the floor. Let alone all the other customizing that can be done. I can definitely feel the power now, bottom end and top end really improved it'll bury the needle pretty easy where before it seemed to not wanna go past 105. Compared to the Diablo Tune, what I notice most is that it is smoother all around. I've never had all my questions answered and tunes done as quickly and thoroughly as you did. Lmao I read all the posts on the silveradosierra forum and have never seen a negative post so i knew i had to try it and glad i did! Even with just simple basic bolt on additions and your tune it feels leaps and bounds stronger than when it was entirely stock. It's more responsive, smoother, idles better & pulls harder! I dont know what you did but this last tune is much better I picked up more torque and it sounds like a monster. I have and will continue to recommend you to the friends who have hot rods and are putting stuff on them. And I'm gonna recommend you to all of my LS friends! The log that didn't take today I ran all the way past 100 and was barely in 4th! Actually laid a beating on a poor chump in a BMW .a test ride .the highway ..hahaha think he might be buying a Chevy now. I am also pleasantly surprised on how much better my gas mileage is! I kept going and got up to 135 and all he could do is pull up to my rear door.....first off I couldn't believe my truck was going that fast, I mean really? I was laughing so hard.....cause he couldn't even pass me. You have answered all of the questions I've had even before I placed my order. It always had plenty of low end, but know the mid-range really makes the car fast. Lew she pulls harder through the gears, runs smoother , seems quicker, sounds a lot better. I had my 492 stroker Dyno tuned in & it was a night & day difference. I can honestly say that the money spent on the tuner and your services seem to have been well spent... I have only driven about 10 miles so far but the car off throttle/part throttle feels ten times better! All around I'm very pleased and you've been a pleasure to deal with. Haven't been able to do that since I got the 35's on. When my car was stock, it could hardly turn the tires. She feels much more consistent with the new O2 sensors though. I've been looking for stoplight races and last night I had a Vette pull up next to me. previous runs with the canned preset tunes were 13.45 @106mph in the 1/4... So the first pull dyno'd 324hp and 334tq, I was happy! I told him who tuned it for me, and he said this was the best tune he had ever seen done over the internet, and its just about exactly how he would have set things. Great at the light, nice and smooth cruising, tearing it up when passing, and the desire for more speed. I installed the tune this AM on my way to work, and all i have to say is... When I got in the highway, I hit it doin about 70 already and it pinned me back in my seat, it was awesome... I'm really happy with the work you've done on my tune. The throttle response is instant, and even the shifting seems firmer. Anyway I am totally stoked already, cant wait till we get it fully tweaked in. As a testimonial the first thing I was wondering was "How could a custom tune really do that much more? With the diablo tune and the adjustments an individual can do I ran from the 60mph time at 5.23 after installing the initial tune from diablew I ran 5.02. Hey bud, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome tune and great customer service! I went out into the parking lot and installed the tune without a problem. the changes you made make my truck feel completely different than it did before. Thats awesome, I really appreciate everything you've done. The gas mileage on the highway yesterday seemed even better too! The highway it's Fukn nuts how it kicks down and holds the gear.. I can really tell a difference with the throttle response and acceleration!

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